Brown Eyes
By Becky L. Rauvola
An Animal Rights Poem from

Brown Eyes
By Becky L. Rauvola

Brown eyes - warm and sparkling
With the glow of friendship and life.

Deep pools of compassion revealing a loving soul
Of innocence and trust too freely given.

"Never mind the cage and bars -
Ignore the dark and the loneliness
Just for a touch - a pat
Of the superior being's hand
(Which never comes - but maybe.....).

Never mind the fear and uncertainty -
Ignore the pain and suffering
That exist as the experiments are done.

Maybe then I will be loved - after.
Just think, for now, of home, so long ago.
My old owners - do they know where I am?
They loved me almost as much as I loved them."

Brown eyes - confused and dulled by drugs.
As the hand reaches for him
A flicker of hope still lights his eyes,
His tail still thumps feebly, and a soft whimper
Breaks the sterility of science.

Another needle punctures his hopes -
And he gasps for breath as the hand records the time.
Brown eyes - clouding and staring.
The last signs of life convulse through his helpless body.

One last useless whine escapes from his tightening throat.
Followed by his final fight for LIFE.

The hand reaches for his neck to check
For the last pulsation of blood - of life....
His tongue reaches out to touch the hand
In his last loving gesture of gentleness and forgiveness.

Through all the hell and torture
He still loved, and believed, and hoped.
He still dreamed of his home, the field he once ran in,
The love and happiness he knew, the freedom he had.

Go - find your home now -
Rest in peace at last, Brown Eyes.
The experiment is done.

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