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Buying a Rabbit, A Very Bad Habit

Buying bunnies for Easter may seem cute,
But there are some ethical woes we cannot dispute.
Impulse buying can cause much neglect,
For these furry creatures we should protect.

Rabbits are not toys or decorations, my friend,
They require love and care that never ends.
Children may not fully understand the deal,
And rabbits may suffer from lack of appeal.

Buying bunnies contributes to mass breeding,
A practice that should cause ethical pleading.
Poor conditions and inbreeding abound,
And these rabbits may never see solid ground.

After the holiday is over, many rabbits are cast,
Surrendered to shelters, an all too common past.
These shelters become overburdened and stressed,
And rabbits may be euthanized, it's not the best.

So before you buy a bunny for Easter this year,
Consider other traditions that bring cheer.
But if you do adopt, do it with pride,
For a happy and healthy bunny will be at your side.

Easter Bunny

Tim Gorski 2023


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