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Caged and Confused

There was a parrot in a cage,
A victim of the wildlife trade,
Caught in the jungle, taken away,
To be someone's exotic pet and play.

She'd flutter her wings, but couldn't fly,
Within the cage, she'd often sigh,
Her feathers once bright, now lost their gleam,
As she spent each day in this living dream.

She'd squawk and call out to the passerby,
But no one listened, as they walked on by,
She was trapped in this world of human entertainment,
A life of captivity, her only confinement.

But one day, her spirit could take no more,
She closed her eyes, and her heart did soar,
Free from the cage, she finally flew,
To a world where skies are forever blue.

Though her time in the cage was a life of pain,
Her memory lives on, and she did not die in vain,
For her story serves as a reminder to us all,
That wildlife deserves to be free, to answer nature's call.

So let us not forget the lonely parrot in the cage,
A symbol of a world that must change,
Where wildlife trade is a thing of the past,
And every creature's freedom forever lasts. 

caged Parrot

Tim Gorski 2023


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