The Call
By Janet Riddle, from Animal Rights Online

Remember when it all started for you
your impact on animals more then you knew
Now the old ways of being you can recall
the new rush in and accompany the call

Everything that you eat, wear, see and say
affects another who wants to live the next day
Now you know of the cage and stall
this knowledge awakened by the call

Stopping the torture becomes your concern
though brick walls meet your every turn
Wearied and battle-torn, yet you don't fall
because your heart also knows the call

No one wants burden to bare
but whoever said life is fair?
In a world so huge, it's easy to feel small
and a difficult quest follows the call

The animals in their hell have already tired
and you know your place at their side
To defend the frail, you stand tall
the anguished cries become your call

Your name unknown but a hero still
you never gave up or lost your will
Realize you can't save them all
but to those you can, they need your call