Animal Liberation Human Liberation
By Kenneth Cassar
An Animal Rights Poem from

Animal Liberation Human Liberation
By Kenneth Cassar

The parallel is obvious for those with eyes to see
For all feel the same suffering, all the same misery
The segregation of priviledged from those considered tools
The state miseducation that makes all citizens fools

Taught that dogs and cats should be treated well as pets
While in the cold laboratories same animals meet their deaths
With painful experimentation for more products to consume
A cheap way to make profits sends animals to their doom

Consider factory farms with the animals crammed inside
With no access to daylight, from human eyes they hide
No real animal welfare, this would increase the costs
They’re treated as a commodity, as just profit or loss

Consider circus animals or animals in the zoo
Slaves for your entertainment, suffer just to please you
In solitude they stay in their prison cage for months
With violence they are trained to perform unnatural stunts

Consider the tradition of killing just for fun
Where birds are shot out of the sky for the pleasure of one
A dead corpse in a showcase for one to see and boast
No matter pointless killing is murder to the most

Violence to animals leads to violence to human beings
A culture of death does not have eyes for seeing
An all inclusive world makes it better for every being
Animal liberation leads to human freeing

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