The Cheetah...You are meant for more!
By Elizke Gouws
An Animal Rights Poem from

The Cheetah...You are meant for more!
By Elizke Gouws

You are my life, 
and for now, I am yours... 
But soon your needs will change, 
and you would long for more. 

You will still nestle beside me to nurture your cries...
but I will perceive your destiny in your soulful eyes. 

While purring and sucking my finger,
I can only wonder how much you will still linger.

I know your future lies in my hands, 
And one day, soon I hope, I will send u off to No man's land. 

Where Mother Earth will embrace your speed,
Far away from the human's greed, 

No lion roars, no bloodied spears, 
No more tjirps and dust dried tears,

Where you will nurture your offspring's cries,
And they will see heaven in your soulful eyes...

Only then have I paid my due,
And in my eyes - my longing for you... 

Elizke rewilds and rehabilitates cheetahs and other smaller wild cats. She does not trade or sell to zoos. She releases animals back to the wild.

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