Lynne GoldsmithCockerels Dead: Cock Fight Staged
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Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

Cockerels Dead: Cock Fight Staged
By Lynne Goldsmith

Your no choice—
gaff to lung—
eye removed—
gouged out—
wattles, comb chopped—
feathers plucked—
beaks pecked—
backs blown on—
men mock—
broken bones—
spur cut off—
as if some joke—
your life to duel—
with human gambling—
drugs, violence—
ways of life—
stimulant fed—
blood-clotting drugs—
“tested with steel”—
(burdened by weights)—
crazed father cockers—
out of pleasure—
justified by religion,
culture, or—
however you
want to call it—
look at
how we humans
love to kill.
The torture
with us blossoms.

©Lynne Goldsmith, 2021

Image from Giovel Miguel Pérez López from Pixabay

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