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Collateral Damage

Amidst the chaos and the strife
A group of creatures fight for life
Their homes destroyed, their shelters gone
They wander lost, afraid and lone

The war in Ukraine rages on
And animals bear the brunt of wrongs
As bombs and bullets pierce the air
They flee in fear, with nowhere to spare

Their once-green fields are now stained red
With blood of fallen, both human and bred
Their cries and pleas for peace unheard
As violence leaves their homes interred

The animals mourn the loss of kin
Their loved ones taken, never to be seen again
They hide in corners, shivering with fright
As war destroys all that's in their sight

The land they called home is now a grave
Of memories, dreams, and hopes once brave
But amidst the ruins, they find new friends
In fellow survivors, who share their ends

As war rages on, their fate remains unclear
But one thing they know, they will persevere
For even in the darkest of days
Hope and love still finds its way

dog collateral damage

Tim Gorski 2023


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