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Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

Corpse Eating Fetish
By Heidi Coon

Hey, shopper!
Over here!
Buy me!
Consume me!
I’m meat!

Hello, potential purchaser
Allow me to introduce myself
So you can know meat better
Than just an item on a shelf

Long gone, a life of misery
Ugh, that awful processing facility
Turned me into a ‘fresh delivery’
& now the grocery displaying me.

I’m a hunk of flesh
I was hacked from a corpse
Refrigerator fresh
Ready for your fork.

They injected me with water-
a process they call plumping
…they know you like me juicy
While you’re chewing & munching.

I got treated with carbon monoxide…
Hang on…it’s okay
It’s just so, ya know, as I continue to decay
I don’t turn an ugly brown or gray
No need for self-centered dismay.

For you
I’m nice & bloody
For you
I’m red & meaty
& you know you wanna eat me

If you could’ve seen me before I was meat
My fur was caked in mine & the others shit
I had tumors, abscessed liver…
You NAME it!
I had it!

…antibiotic resistant bacteria
Belly hug!

Don’t let the fact that I’m packed with poop deter ya!
I mean, you eat hormones, pesticides & vaccinated corpse
Some fecal contamination shouldn’t even phase ya!

My reduced price?
Don’t let that stop ya
E. coli?
Ass cancer?

Whoops…forget I said that.
Hey, I’m just a bit of corpse…
What do I know?
Erm…Actually, I mean corpses
To be honest,
Some of me, is some of somebody else…

The wonders of meat glue!
It’s amazing what bacteria can do!
Who knew!

Look at me!

My cellophane shining under the lights
Ain’t I a sight!

I’ll have you know that I am
Saleable rotting corpse you can buy!
Why would I lie?
Oh, I apologize
…I personified…


dead Cow

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