The Courageous Cheetah Mom
By Elizke Gouws
An Animal Rights Poem from

The Courageous Cheetah Mom
By Elizke Gouws

She leaves her comfort at twenty months old
To roam the savannah lit with sunlight of gold

Alone she'll fight for a future with no one by her side
To raise her cubs with no male or pride
To face adversity and the perils to survive

Alone she struggles through the motherhood life
To raise them all is a fate not to be
But a sole survivor one day might roam free

Year after year the struggle goes on
Relentless she pushes the solitary mom
Dappled in spots sleek and as she goes
The she cheetah who nobody knows...

Elizke rewilds and rehabilitates cheetahs and other smaller wild cats. She does not trade or sell to zoos. She releases animals back to the wild.

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