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Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

Creepy, cruel or demented
By Heidi Coon

Is it creepy, cruel or demented to kill an animal, Hollow out their body, then stuff their body with sawdust, or a species body mold....to preserve the animals beauty?
Well, duh.
It ain’t preservation of beauty....
It’s perverse mocking of the being killed, stuffed, displayed.
Animals are beautiful in LIFE.
Killing an animal is a hateful act.
The displaying of the body in a natural position offends any animal’s dignity.
If you love animals...why do you want dead animals as decorations?
If you don’t love animals...what do you want dead animals as decorations?
They’re killed
They’re stuffed
They’re put on display
So I’ve been reading a lot about ‘ethical taxidermy’.
Yeah, sounds as real as ‘humane meat’.
Want the bodies of your loved ones cored, stuffed, and positioned for years of display?
...I mean, as long as your loved one died of natural causes...it’d be ethical taxidermy.
Oh, I’m such a dumb shit! Here I go...AGAIN...categorizing animals as ALL the SAME with my failure to comply with the speciesist standard.
My bad.....
Forgot, human animals are waaaayyyyyy more precious....supreme, even…

ridiculing lamb drawer taxidermy

ridiculing cat rug taxidermy

ridiculing chicks taxidermy

©Heidi Coon, 2022

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