Cries and Lies
By Mary T. Hoffman
An Animal Rights Poem from

Cries and Lies
By Mary T. Hoffman

The human race – what a disgrace –
Project their vice on pigs and mice.
In pain untold they’re bought and sold,
In lab, or farmed, they’re killed and harmed.

Folks with no shame scapegoat and blame;
They shock and burn, then in turn
The truth they bend to suit their end.

In research labs away from view
There are workers paid to do
Obscene procedures on living souls
So ambitious bosses can reach their goals.

Researchers maim and do the same:
They burn and cut,
Then smirk and strut
To see their awful crimes in print:
Publish or perish, name of the game.

The hoodwinked public doles out cash
So labs can bash like so much trash
Rabbits used, cruelly abused.

Easy money, grants provide.
They keep the people on their side
With endless promises of “cure.”
They use diseases as a lure.
The sociopaths who rip them off
Behind their backs laugh and scoff.

The people think they fight disease
And with their money try to please
The clever folks who promise health
But live and strive for increased wealth.

These doctors, with no ethics,
Promote intervention instead of prevention.
With “diseases” created
The media are sated.
This is the sort the public support
And hold in high esteem.

The public buys all sorts of lies.
They never hear the silenced cries
Of creatures caught in deep despair.
Folks choose to think they’re given care
When there is naught but grief.

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