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Dandelion's Dilemma

The dandelion, oh what a plight,
It's often seen as a weed or a blight,
But this misunderstood plant has much to offer,
So let's give it a chance, and not just scoff her.

With jagged leaves like lion's tines,
Dandelions bloom in day,
And close at night,
And make for quite a sight.

Their seeds can travel miles and miles,
Planting new dandelions with their smiles,
And all parts of the plant are edible,
So don't let them go to waste, it's incredible!

The dandelion, oh what a treasure,
It's packed with nutrients in great measure,
Vitamin C and potassium galore,
Make it a superfood, and so much more.

The leaves in salads or cooked with care,
The roots roasted for coffee that's rare,
The flowers used to make wine divine,
Dandelions are a treasure, oh so fine!

But be careful, my dear, and take heed,
Some folks may have an allergy to the seed,
And pesticides can make them ill,
So only eat dandelions with skill.

So next time you see a dandelion,
Don't dismiss this weed so fine,
For it's a plant that's truly grand,
And worth admiring in this land.


Tim Gorski 2023


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