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Animal Rights Poetry

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The Dedication
by [email protected] 

From Animal Rights Online 

To all those beasts I dedicate
for you possess not one evil trait
for all those who have died
to live in peace you have tried

There is more to you then your taste
your living worth turned to waste
I can't eat you anymore
If only I could erase before

Born to a world without mercy
compassion you don't get to see
You suffer our human greed
disregarding your every need

I pity our blind mankind
compassion left us behind
Unable to make a stand
you die by our bloody hand

Subjected to our brutal reign
billions a year are slain
only to die you were born
few of us will ever mourn

Your blood is so easily shed
to your death you were led
rancid smell of your own death
as you took your final breath

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