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Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

Deer Killers [Elmer Fudd POV]
By Heidi Coon

We deer hunters, we are primal
Deer blood spilling, warm splatter spiral
Our well earned apex predator title
Hunkered down with a bow or a rifle
The 2 week November kill spree, delightful
No deer will be left standing! [respect to my rival]
Our meat covered, 8 point rack, herbivorous idol
We ainít allowing no natural life cycle
Dawns first light, hunting time of arrival
Day one of deer season; did ya know it is tribal?
Prehistoric mammoth hunting glory, archetypal
From shit & paint smeared cave walls, a revival
It donít really hurt them much, we ainít in denial
Yeah, sure, we follow blood trails, but, thatís just trifle
Blood cakes our car hoods, we boast; prideful
Get a nice long bloody red eyeful
Did you just say it was awful?!?!?!
you jeer at our ethos, say unnecessary & frightful
Shut your bunny hugging mouth with pussy-ass libel
Deal with it! We hunt! Thatís final!

Deer arrows

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