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Deny me

In denial, you can eat
meat, skin, parts, materials of
an individual.

Run rampant with
cognitive dissonance.

You yell – ‘Do not upset me.
my festive treats of
and waste.’

You screech – ‘Never implore me
to do your ways.
You judgemental

You will not look.
You deny me.

You will not acknowledge
animal tears in eyes.
Heart-thrum of fear.
Sweat of flank.
Wail and screech of pain.

You will not...
Will-not wake up.

I was you.
Of humane slaughter ideology.
Of convenient delirium.
Of happy horror show.

I awoke.
Visceral, raw,
an end of denial,
of incongruent reality.

I wait
for you
to simply look.

Do not deny me.
Do not deny – them. 

beautiful Cow
Art by J.H. Dickinson

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