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The Discarded
By Janet Riddle

Animal Rights Poetry

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The Discarded
By Janet Riddle

She was born to be injected
then killed and dissected
Breeders sold her away
death began that day

Procedures have come and past
though the agony will last
But her pain brings us no concern
she lies and wait another turn

She is held firmly in place
the anguish obvious in her face
Restrained by a man in white
She won't live through the night

Release comes in a convulse
finally she lost her faint pulse
Her body tossed in a pile
this murder gets no trial

With indifference we betrayed
her suffering was all man-made
The game of life she painfully lost
worth only what her body cost

This discarded life was a rat
but what if she were a cat
The perfect being for an awful fate
a suffering creature we love to hate