How Do You Do Moose
By Ann Woltjen
An Animal Rights Poem from

How Do You Do Moose
By Ann Woltjen

Moose, moose how do you do
the things that you do
How do you live in the north
where the land is so cold
how do you eat the fine branches
of spruce and willow

So much of your life secret from humans
like other creatures of the wild
we peer at you through windows
or through a distance and space
and wonder to ourselves how

Your long legs so delicate and strong
carry you across the terrain
filled with grace and bravado
You can stand tall
or stoop low on your knees
You can submerge into water
in search of the greens

You can lift your head high
to the branches
and bite them off in a clip
You have such a nose
that hangs off your face
It droops and dangles
as loosely it fits

The bell under your chin
is a novel ornament
a place for a scent to attract females
and gain their assent

Moose how do you do
with the muscular body
with the coat of long hair
so formidable and massive,
stout, strong and square

Your eyes are resolute
unlike the shy eyes of a deer
you know your own firmness
and have earthiness to spare

Your head carries the swinging antlers
shaped like a frond
So heavy an embellishment
worth every ounce for your pride

Moose I wish to know more about
your everyday life
How you while away the day and
listen through the nights
Good luck on your journeys
and may you have a long life

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