Dog Days
By Jim Willis
An Animal Rights Poem from

Dog Days
By Jim Willis

The 'dog days' are upon us,
and for a dozen summers you have slumbered, shaded,
under the same tree.

As I watch you from the window, as I always do,
wishing that I could lie there, too,
but not wanting to disturb your peace,
I am envious.

You haven't a care in the world and I have too many.
Still, I'm glad that you are so carefree.

Perhaps that is one of my greatest accomplishments.
Perhaps that is why Man keeps dogs...
as a reminder that life isn't only worries and responsibilities,
and that we can give you what we cannot give ourselves.

You remind me that simple pleasures are enough, more than enough...
that it should take so little to be happy.

Would that with a life of worry we had your years,
and with a life of contentment, you had ours.
But neither of us made these rules.

So sleep well, my friend, there in your cool shade.
One day, you will rest there forever.

I'll glance out the window again in awhile,
to make sure all is well,
and to be assured that you are still the keeper of my peace,
and to be grateful that I am the caretaker of yours.

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