By Tammy C. Smith
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

By Tammy C. Smith

I want to ask you a question 
What does this word mean: Dominion 
Is it power or protection 
Which of these were Godís intentions

When He himself gave mankind the 
Dominion over creatures He 
Had placed on earth so lovingly 
Did he not request stewardly

Yes dominion was given man 
Not superiority and 
Yes he asked us to rule the land 
not make them suffer at our hand

Creatures arenít a commodity 
Theyíre of and from him: heavenly 
Man is blessed to be asked by he 
To stand guard over all who breathe

Apparently we are confused 
With such a large word seldom used 
The word dominion to review 
Protect is what mankind should do

But Man is failing miserably 
With our responsibility 
To love and treat respectfully 
his creatures: this is our duty

I find the meaning to be much 
The opposite of power such 
That in my heart I cannot hush 
The screams of manís demise does rush

Mankind has somehow been tainted 
With power that was not granted 
his creatures should be respected 
And Live in peace as intended

And why do we consider least 
If swim or fly or have four feet 
Manís pain for sport they do not seek 
Perhaps itís man who is the beast

For his creatures do not possess 
Mad desire to make man less 
They do not bring our births for death 
For simple greed and selfishness

And why in the world would god make 
A request for man to just take 
His creatures and then to forsake 
And treat them as though they were waste

When before God on judgement day 
What do you intend to him say 
You did not understand the way 
With His creatures you should behave

Say dominion was the Quand'ry 
That it was not explained clearly 
Maybe if you ask for mercy 
Yes you should have loved them dearly

What if God tells you Heís confused 
Heís not sure which meaning to use 
The word dominion to review 
Should he yield power over you 
Or protection: which would you choose

Dominion is NOT a judgment call 
And by this word mankind does fall 
We were asked to protect them all 
No matter fly, swim, walk or crawl 
Godís creatures suffer at manís fault

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