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Duck Crossing

A mother and her ducklings,
Waddled down the street.
The traffic roared and honked at them,
A most chaotic beat.

The lake was just across the way,
Its waters murky brown.
They wanted to take a dip and play,
First, they must get across this town.

The mother duck surveyed the scene,
With determination in her eye.
She signaled to her little ones,
"We'll make it, don't you cry!"

So, they waited for a lull in traffic,
And darted to the other side.
The cars swerved and screeched to a halt,
But they made it, full of pride.

They reached the lake, but what a sight!
The water was filthy and grim.
The mother duck sighed with regret,
"Perhaps elsewhere we will swim"

And so, they walked today,
The mother leading the way.
They knew that they had done their best,
To survive another day.

So, remember this story,
When you see ducks in the street.
Give them the right of way,
And make their journey sweet. 

ducks crossing traffic

Tim Gorski 2023


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