Eat THIS Meat!
By Khy'em Amri, Nabi Al-Rama
An Animal Rights Poem from

All of God's creatures have rights, a fact that most people don't seem to recognize. This includes both human and non-human animals, but not all of them can speak for themselves.

Eat THIS Meat!
By Khy'em Amri, Nabi Al-Rama

You need to become strong;
take this 'meat' my child. 
Milk is for the babe, of mother,
but I will give you the
Meat of the Field.
Hallowed be YaHuWaH,
the Absolute, the Infinite.
Blessed art thou Lord,
and blessed is one
who comes in your

Kabir says: "They're morons and mindless 
fools who don't know Ram in every breath."
I say ~ Listen to how this 83rd 
Sabda from the Bijak continues 
and I will Teach you True Teaching.

"You rampage in, knock down a cow,
cut her throat and take her life."
Many do this in the "name of religion" 
and "HaShem" and others...
some commit this through consuming cows prepared
in this way by massive slaughtering houses. 
Bless them with the wisdom to turn from their sin. 
Cursed be they who continue in their evil
ways of killing and blood-shed
for they are damned 
to reap what they 
"You turn a living soul to a corpse 
and call it holy rite."

There has been forgery to the 
scripture to satisfy mankind's 
urge to consume flesh.
All Prophets have spoken of this - if you
have ear and heart -
apply them;

"You say the meat is pure, brother?
How was it born? Listen:
Meat is made of blood and sperm,
that's your unholy dinner."
There is nothing pure about 
eating the slain -
how can we call the act of murder 
pure, or yet good?
If ye had need, 
indeed, it would be 
another matter - but you sin
against planet, people and
beast alike - so do
not kill - nor yet cause 
to kill, nor yet place
an order for the flesh 
of them that have been
killed, for it shall lead
to a cycle of evil-violence;
I tell you truly.
"Fool! You say, 'It's not our sin,
but our forefather's preaching.'
The blood they shed is on your head 
who taught you such a teaching!"

Many will listen to dead scriptures 
in spite of Living Prophets
bearing Living Scripture
forth among Living Men.

Heed the ten commandments,
and Listen to He Who 
commanded you not 
to kill &
to eat fruits & herbs
of the field.
Hear - Hear - Hear
this truth with the
deepest part of
your soul - for 
ye are the 
true Israel
of God,
scattered abroad and near, 
the Chosen of the Holy 
One who is with us,

"The hair is white that once was black
but the heart's as black as before."
Covered are their hearts -
evil are their ways - like
ghouls gnawing upon bones, 
as demons torturing their
prey - as wretched vultures
picking the meat from 
the tendons and bones,
even as jackals with blood
dripping from their mouths
and bits of flesh
stuck in their teeth -
such are the people of 
this Wicked Generation
consuming their fill of animal
flesh every single day with
abominable disregard for the
destruction of countless
of God's sacred creatures
as well as the obliteration 
of His Holy & Sacred
Lands, Fields, and
Rain-Forest Habitations.
Please really listen!

"Why chant and shout? Why pray
till you drop dead at the
mosque door?"
If you repent in words, be
they repeated, loud or soft - will
you be heard by HE WHO IS
do not

You should never consume
any amount of another
animal - this is 
an eternal Law for
the People
of ELoHiM.

Please hear this message.

"Pandits read the Puranas & Vedas,
Mullas learn Muhammed's faith.
Kabir says: 'Both go straight to Hell
if they don't know Ram in every

The scriptures have been perverted.
Why don't they know Ram?

they are not pure 
of Heart
nor truly seeking.
For the Pure of Heart
shall see God-Ram -

and whoever shall
seek Him, in sincerity, Shall Find! 

~ Khy'em Amri, Nabi Al-Rama

Bism'allah ir Rahman ir Rahim

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