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Eternal love


One look in my direction,
and there is no doubt in my mind
of your pure affection,
in your eyes it is clearly defined.
There is no room to question,
when that adoration fills your face,
and I find myself lost in your expression,
and longing for your warm embrace.
Never before did I think
that someone would see me this way,
in the past Iíd hide and shrink
from life each and every day.
But the moment you looked at me,
my world spun around,
and you set me free
from the fear with which I was bound.
I understood from the glow in your eyes,
that I mattered to you,
and to my surprise,
I actually believed it was true.
There you are,
the one that I adore,
never again far,
and always insisting you love me more.
Itís such a pleasure
to feel loved by you,
my most valuable treasure,
my most beautiful view.
Come what may,
our love is unchanged,
and I always find a way to say,
that you can never be exchanged.
I love you for you,
I wouldnít alter a single aspect
of all that makes you, you,
I offer all of my love and respect.
I take a breath and soar,
as I remind myself that we are together,
and though once I had thought I couldnít take anymore,
now I canít wait for forever.
Never again will we part,
despite the bumps and wrinkles of time,
because I have given you my heart,
and for you my adoration will always shine.
The moment you looked at me,
I knew that I would never again be alone,
and I say so fervently, so gratefully,
that that you are the most amazing soul Iíve ever known.


© Shenita Etwaroo

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