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by Janet Riddle [email protected]
From Animal Rights Online www.aronline.org

To those who enjoy the unfair fight
and destroy those weaker with delight
Many excuses the hunter will use
in all of them the animals lose

"Overpopulation" ~ a common claim
they eagerly kill, yet animals are to blame?
It is said this murder is a must
but make no mistake, this killing is lust

"It's fair their senses are good" ~
tell that to the deer roped to a hood
He'll be beheaded and fit to a frame
morbid decor, have we no shame?

"Heritage" ~ another excuse to maim
a ruthless bloodsport in heritage's name
Teaching children callous death
and to eagerly watch a dying breath.

Living beings filled with lead
fallen animals whose blood was shed
Barbaric "sport" that leaves a bloody trial
Classic example of where our ethics fail

Janet Riddle
Email: [email protected] 

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