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Eyes bathed in morning gold

Let me see you.
Reach around you.
Caress, touch, within a whisper
of animal breath.

Days like this
only happen in dreams.

Rising sun, amber pools of light,
define herd.
You move in pure grace.
Steady heart, thrum of moment.

I am fence-side,
observing, eyes bathed in morning gold.
A piece of painted god-like scene.
Splendour before me.

No morning has ever seemed
so rich, so vivid.

Grunts, bellows, moos
as you watch me, watching you.
Lingering close,
my fingertips graze.

I am witness to curious brown eyes.
I am reduced to breath and gentle breeze.

You shuffle and move away.
Your interest in me, now over.

Let me reach around you and
stop the moment, forever.

No grisly end for you, cow.
No pain of human dissonance
for me.

Just a unity of foot and hoof
on solid ground.
As our eyes watch the dawn,
and we are bathed in morning gold.

lovely Cow
Photo Unsplash, Patrick Hendry

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