Heidi Coon

Animal Rights Poetry and Prose By Heidi Coon from All-Creatures.org

Farms à la Vampire

Take a gander
At farms ala vampire
Blood farming should anger
The staunchest flesh eater
Pregnant mares they abuse her
Her life (and her foals) they endanger
Did you know they abort her
They knock her up again, ya know, rape her
Two pregnancies per year per mare, never a foal yielding
Wild Icelandic ponies...there’s a truth they’ve been shielding
Argentina, Uruguay, Germany are bloodletting
Canada is buying the blood they’re selling
Making super estrus swine
Making uber pregnant bovine
Super litters of piglets
For pork consumption
Meanwhile, mares are leather whipped
And iron rod beaten
They’re pregnant and panicked and starving
Their wounds are never treated
They’re used, and discarded...mistreated
repeated blood extractions,
they become anaemic; their blood loss massive
or suffer from deficiency diseases, their injuries remain untreated.
All for a monetary transaction
When they’re no longer usable, they’re left to die alone
Suffering, succumbing, all for their bloods hormone.
A forty year old business WORTH millions
Making more flesh for the meat eating minions
Human supremacy...complete dominion
Equine villains
Vampiric ‘red gold’ industry coined
Mare after mare, foal after foal are destroyed
Total Liberation

*Due to the hormone use, often more piglets are born than a sow can feed, which leads to increased piglet mortality. PMSG boosts productivity in industrial breeding with the aim to produce cheap meat in large quantities. Spread the truth about blood farms.

©Heidi Coon, 2022

bleeding a pregnant mare

For more information, read Pregnant Horses Drained of Blood for PMSG Hormone that Causes Larger Litters for Pigs in Factory Farms.

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