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Animal Rights Poetry By Vivian Chinelli


Heart disease and cancer.
Do you think that there痴 a chance you池e
setting up your kids for getting those
when you feed them meat?

Allergies from dairy. Diabetes is so scary.
Have you thought about the impact
of the toxic foods they eat?

Our job is to protect our kids
and keep them safe from harm, but
you値l increase their risk of illness
serving animals that are farmed.

So, try to prevent those things by nurturing
their bodies as they grow.
Serve plant-based foods
on which they値l thrive.

What a great gift you値l bestow!
In addition to the gift of health,
you値l be teaching them empathy.
Then they値l open their hearts
to the weakest among us.

Sit back and just watch, wait and see,
that your child will be conscious
of things much greater
than cell phones and media distraction.

They値l be focused on
making this world so much better,
putting our most-cherished values
into action.


ゥ Vivian Chinelli, 2022


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