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Her First Dustbath By Karen Davis

(Watching a hen recover herself at our sanctuary)

First claws then beak, then
Little bursts of earth our hen
Is taking a dustbath, her first
Since rescued in a ravaged state
Now safe at our place.

This spectral ballerina with
Pendulous pale comb, blurred eyes,
Spiny shafts, long thin nails
Diaphanous almost.
A sight to behold as hesitantly, then vigorously she
Washes her body and soul clean in the soil
Of the manmade filth
That never was herself.

Chickens dustbathing
Image of UPC Sanctuary Hens Eartha and Estella Dustbathing by Davida G. Breier

Karen Davis is the President of UPC United Poultry Concerns

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