Flesh & Blood by Paul Seymour
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

Flesh & Blood
By Paul Seymour, Music & Miracles

You know about my mother’s rape
Entrapped so she could not escape
Forced and filled with stolen seed
It made her flinch, it made her bleed

You know she loved me just the same
As I loved her, and then they came
And dragged me roughly from her side
You know, for weeks, in grief she cried

You know that I will shake in fear
As I realise my death is near
We’re all lined up to take our turn
To feel the sting, the dreadful burn 

You know that I will scream in pain
When the monster opens up my vein
So my panicked heart squirts out my blood
Across the floor, a scarlet flood

You know these things but all you care
Is to supply your daily fare
To satisfy acquired taste
A trillion souls are laid to waste

You know these things but laugh and drink
You eat our flesh because you think
That we are ‘things’ God made for you..
So why have we got feelings too?

You know so many of your kind 
Will starve because you are so blind
Like ghouls you gorge on flesh and blood
As our sick world turns into mud

You know that you will die as well
Too young, in pain, a living hell
Punished for your evil deed
You paid for us to scream and bleed

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