Flesh and Blood
By Citizen Fish
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

Flesh and Blood
By Citizen Fish

If animals are animals
and animals have brains
we are no more than cannibals
who refuse to feel the pain.

The meat you eat is wrapped up neat
you didn't see it bleed,
And what you kill does not fulfill
your dietary needs.

Take a look from this direction
you give yourself the indigestion
our guts are geared to vegetation
and it's healthier as well.

Open your eyes and face the facts
meat costs a lot, it gives you heart attacks

A lot of people think vegetation
Lacks in Vitamin B-12...
If you really think that's gonna make you ill
Then buy a bottle of vitamin pills!

You could be more healthy
maybe it doesn't really bother you
But can your conscience bear the strain
of all the pain that makes your food?

You could feed a lot of needy people
with the grain they feed to cows
But can you comprehend the end results
or can you not allow
yourself to break the old tradition?

False conception of nutrition
"well they eat meat on television!"
Except those little starving children
Would you ever eat the meat
from another human being?

Flesh and blood is animal, is you and me
animal is suffering.

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