Heidi StephensonAnimal Rights Poetry By Heidi Stephenson From All-Creatures.org

For all turkeys, and young humans with hearts


Turkeys are truly incredible;
they were never meant to be ‘edible’!

Turkeys are lively and bright;
Man’s ‘farming’ brings fear, dread and fright!

Turkeys are loving and curious;
their killing for ‘meat’ makes God furious!

Killing babies1 is cruel, and insane -
making death of new life? And huge pain?

Turkeys are friendly and kind;
they have generous hearts and sharp minds!

All turkeys deserve to thrive;
live their God-given lives, stay alive!

Too few get to greet them eye to eye;
if you knew what they suffered, you’d cry!

Please save turkeys this ‘Season’ as friends;
we humans must make great amends!

Pay the ‘farmers’...and take them away!
Let them know the pleasure of day!

Their dark sheds are Hell on this earth!
For a meal-time of feasting and mirth?

To be murdered, and turned to bowel fodder?

This evil makes holy ones shudder!

1 Turkeys have a natural life-span of up to 12 years. Most ‘factory-farmed’ turkeys are killed when they are just 12 weeks old! 245 million turkeys are slaughtered each year in the US alone, (each one is a special being.) Source: Turkey Lifespan: How Long Do Turkeys Live Before Slaughter

©Heidi Stephenson, 2023

Turkey Amelia
Amelia - Image from United Poultry Concerns


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