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For the Good of All

Once upon a time, in an African land,
Lived a very curious young lady, with a mission so grand.
She studied chimps with a heart so true,
Her name was Jane Goodall, and she knew what to do.

She climbed the trees and watched them play,
Day after day, without any delay.
She learned their ways, their sounds, and their cries,
Jane Goodall was their friend, with love in her eyes.

She showed the world the chimps' true worth,
And why they were so important on this Earth.
With patience and care, she gained their trust,
Jane Goodall was the chimps' ally, a must.

Her work inspired others to follow her lead,
To care for the chimps, to plant the seed.
And though she's still working hard, her legacy lives on,
Jane Goodall's spirit shines, like the morning dawn.

Her speaking tours, her books, and her talks,
Continue to inspire, like a spring that never stops.
Her work for conservation, it's still ongoing,
Jane Goodall's passion is always growing.

So let us celebrate this lady so grand,
For all the good she has done across the land.
And let's continue her work with pride,
For the sake of our planet, and all that reside.

For we are all connected, humans and chimps alike,
And Jane Goodall's love has shown us the light.
Let her mission live on, let it never fade,
And let her spirit inspire, like a never-ending cascade.

Jane Goodall

Tim Gorski 2023


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