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Forever In Love

Thereís a smile on my lips,
it belongs to you,
Because joy makes my heart flips when
inspired by you.
Where once I believed
there was only loss and heartache,
you eased everything I grieved,
just when I was sure it was more than I could take.
There is a sparkle in my eye,
that belongs to you too,
because you gave me back the sky,
raindrops and the first morning dew.
When once I had lost sight,
of all things beautiful and pure,
you reminded me to delight,
and that love will always endure.
There is faith in my heart,
that belongs to you as well,
because you gave me back what I knew from the start,
that inside of me His spirit does always dwell.
Your gentleness and your affection,
taught me of His unconditional love,
and that God asks not for perfection,
but only that I seek His wisdom from above.
There is forgiveness in my soul,
itís something that to me you gave,
when I was certain I could never be whole,
when I didnít think there was anything left of me to save.
You held me in your loving gaze,
and reminded me that I deserved life,
life beyond this painful haze,
life without such isolation and strife.
When I think of the love we share,
it brings tears to my eyes,
and those belong to you too,
because out of gratitude they rise.
I canít imagine my life without you in it,
even though I never imagined I would have you,
and now we are a perfect fit,
that I never knew could come true.
Words cannot convey
the blessings daily I now receive,
all because you came into my life one day,
and reminded me to love, to forgive, and to believe.


© Shenita Etwaroo

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