For Their Rights
By Butterflies Katz
An Animal Rights Poem from

For Their Rights
By Butterflies Katz

Upon seeing them, a smile lights up my face.
They have endearing qualities we should embrace.
Their ecological footprint is hardly a trace
in comparison to that of the human race.
For their rights, a mounting movement makes a case.

They have eyes and a face akin to you and me
Animals feel and breathe, they hear and they see.
They too want to know lifešs sweet ecstasy.
Our heart and soul knows they deserve to be free.
Truth compels us to help make it come to be.

They are not commodities for human use.
They were not put here for exploitive abuse.
Their lives have been shockingly put to misuse.
Our oppression of them has no just excuse.
Set the innocent captive animals loose.

Animal abuse lives on every distant shore;
all kinds of horror that our souls would deplore.
We treat these love objects and friends to adore
like enemies; on which we have declared a war.
For their rights, a world's heroes will rise to the fore.

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