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Friendship is not defined,
by form or name,
true friendship is the kind,
that leaves you never the same.
I made the mistake,
of giving out my trust to others
who only wanted to mock,
who pretended to care.
It was a terrible time for me,
until my angel came into my life,
an animal whose love set me free,
and eased all of my strife.
Others might say,
that a pet canít be a friend,
but the love shown to me,
was the only way I could mend.
Even when I met others,
who pretended to care,
my angel loved me like no other,
and when my heart broke she was there.
I never knew that I could be,
loved without being judged,
I never knew that I was worthy,
of being cared for without a grudge.
But this fine animal in my arms,
taught me that I deserved so much more,
that love shouldnít ever cause harm,
and that I had never truly been loved before.
My world opened and became whole,
with her by my side,
I finally got to know my soul,
and who I was inside.
When the tragedy arose,
when I was forced to say goodbye,
I grieved a love that no one knows,
no one understands the tears I still cry.
The people who claimed to care,
turned against me yet again,
it wasnít right and it wasnít fair,
that I had lost my only friend.
But I learned so much,
from the time she spent with me,
and even though I no longer have her touch,
I will always have her memory.
All the things she helped me to learn,
about love and life and joy,
in my heart these things still burn,
they are treasure that nothing can destroy.
Despite the hurt I was forced to endure,
from the hateful words of others,
I now am strong and absolutely sure,
that I deserve love as do others.
Because of my angelís presence,
though it was far too short a time,
Iíve been helping others ever since,
to know real love, a love like mine.


© Shenita Etwaroo

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