Lynne Goldsmith

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Frogs on Their Way to Extinction:
Take Apart Living, Breathing


Heart still beating,
Filleted for serving,
Soon to be eaten,

Body of frog
In another case

Butchered for fallopian tubes,
Hasma, humans wanting younger
Looks (tissue fatty),

Snouts and rear legs
Severed by scissors
Alive for thrown into piles

Parts to become trinkets

Of dipped into oil
Maybe fried alive on sticks

Liquified for drinks, medicinal
Claims (ancient source)

Or stuck in containers
Too tight to live
For transport

Pithing too can't forget
Or decapitate,
Open, cut the flesh
More peeling of skin

Make use of
How frog
Can’t save itself

Before hands
And mouths

Move in—
Don't think
Don't feel—
These humans
Of slash to swallow

Pollution, theirs for losing
To paving over, disavowal,
More the spreading

Of human-made
Fungus on frogs, grounds
A pall from too dry too wet,
Infection, Precipitation—


Disease in humans, deadly
Call it here and now—

Human Global Mass Destruction.  


©Lynne Goldsmith, 2022

Coarl finger tree frog
Coral finger tree frog - LoggaWiggler from Pixabay

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