Mango WodzakFruit, not Flesh
An Animal Rights Poem By Mango Wodzak from

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

Fruit, not Flesh
By Mango Wodzak

Why chickens, sheep and pigs,
when there’s kiwifruit and figs?
Why turkeys, cows and fish,
when there’s oranges delish?

I cannot get the thought you see,
to fathom this mentality,
of killing half grown animals,
and gorging on the internals,
while such a lot of other things,
nature us so freely brings.

We need not chew on someone’s leg,
nor fry up someone else’s egg,
nor deal someone a bloody hack,
to thinly slice and dice there back.

No we’ve got fruit to eat you see,
offered freely by the tree,
no one needs to lose their life,
by brutal, steely butcher-knife.

There’s apples, pears and rambutans,
and chempadeks and durians,
or delightfully purple cherries,
n’other fruit confectioneries..

We don’t need all those cages,
it’s been like this for ages,
those booths and stalls and branding,
and callous heavy handling!

Now it’s time for something new,
so push aside cadaver stew,
for since the time we left our wombs,
we’ve used our bodies much like tombs
a habit which has surely caused,
atrocities we’ve barely paused,
to reflect upon and see the truth
that slaughtering someone in their youth,
to feast upon their flesh’s... uncouth!

Fruit you see, it’s meant to be,
the food for me, and she and he... and thee!


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