Lynne GoldsmithFur for the Killing
Animal Rights Poetry By Lynne Goldsmith From

Poems of compassion dedicated to the non-human animals who share this planet with us and the people who fight for them.

Fur for the Killing
By Lynne Goldsmith

Hard to imagine

over one hundred million animals
(not counting one billion rabbits) annually—

dogs cats minks foxes opossums,
raccoons bobcats skunks bears otters
coyotes beavers muskrats martens
chinchillas lynxes seals
the list of killings—

on and on they go
from cage to trap
to stomp

the animals
ing of neck
ping of legs
ing for
sometimes conscious
skinned alive
or hanged
the starvation
steel-jaw underwater
conibear snare
left for drowning
to electrocute
in anus or on labia
metal rod shoved
down the throat
bleeding out
to this is what
this is how
we humans do.

This is what we love.
This is how we show—
off our warmth.

©Lynne Goldsmith, 2020

caged Fox
Image by Andrew Skowron, Animal Photographer

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