Fur Is Fur
By Janet Riddle
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

Fur Is Fur
By Janet Riddle

Most know of the painful lethal traps
somehow fur farms get a better rap
Agony still agony just from a different source
both ways cause anguish by fur wearers force

Born in a cage - a simple wire mesh box
stacked up in rows, the life of hard knocks
Swaying and pacing and the neurotic stare
clearly they live in misery there

Cramped together each suffer in vain
humans caring only for the fur and not pain
Resulting diseases are our shame
a barren, listless existence is all to claim

Nightmarish days pass slowly by
at the height of beauty they are marked to die
According to the blackened hearts of some
restrained and helpless the time has come

How did vanity ever get this far?
your choices reflect who you are
Whether trapped or fur farmed, make no mistake
fur is fur and there are lives at stake

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