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Gabe the Gorilla

Once there was a gorilla named Gabe who lived in a zoo.
He was big and strong, but he was lonely too.
The zookeepers cared for him as best they could,
But he longed for the wild, where he once stood.

Then one day, a kind zookeeper named Sarah came to be,
And she sat with Gabe, telling him stories of the wild and free.
They talked and laughed, and Gabe felt so grand,
But he still longed for the jungle and his homeland.

Sarah loved Gabe and wanted to see him happy,
So she dreamed of a world where he could be free and sappy.
And they both wished that one day he could be.

Years went by, and Sarah stayed by Gabe's side,
And he grew bigger and stronger with nothing to hide.
But Sarah knew deep down that he needed more,
So she worked and worked, and eventually opened a door.

Gabe was released into a vast nature reserve,
Where he could roam free with other gorillas and preserve.
Sarah watched as he ran off to play,
And she knew in her heart he would be okay.

Years went by, Sarah now old and gray,
She came to visit but she could not play.
But there was Gabe, big and strong.
He looked at her and grunted his song,
But from the looks of Sarah,
He knew she would not be there long.

The giving zookeeper had given him the best gift,
And Gabe knew that his spirits would always lift.
He was free to be with his gorilla kin,
And Sarah knew that Gabe was happy within.

Gabe Gorilla

Tim Gorski 2023


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