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Garden Guardian

In the city, a mantis lost its way,
Searching for a garden to protect all day,
Posture so pious, it stood out like a ray.

It climbed up buildings, crossed busy streets,
Dodged cars and bikes with nimble feats,
People stared in awe, at its tricks so neat.

This mantis was special, with skills to amaze,
It could spin its neck, in incredible ways,
And it had eyes with 3D vision, unlike other displays.

But it had a mission, to find a garden to defend,
To protect it from pests that would surely descend,
This mantis was a hero, a true friend.

Finally, it saw a patch of green,
A garden so lush, it was a dream,
The mantis had found its purpose, its team.

It stood tall, head held high,
Ready to protect, and that's no lie,
With sharp claws, it wouldn't let pests by.

And when it was done, it took a rest,
Feeling fulfilled, it knew it was the best,
For it had found its purpose, and that was the test.

So next time you see a mantis, in the city or not,
Remember its skills, and how much it fought,
To protect our gardens, that's all it sought.

praying mantis

Tim Gorski 2023


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