shenita-etwarooAnimal Rights and Other Poetry By Shenita Etwaroo From

A Gift

I found you
under a tree
so small I almost didnít see you,
leg bent
tiny wings outspread.
I took you in and thought
ďIím giving you a gift,Ē
a second chance at life.
I gave you shelter,
a soft space,
food from an eye dropper,
all gifts
meant to sustain your life.
When you moved,
you fluttered,
as if every step was electric.
Your quiet peeps
and downy feathers
embodied a lively
and gentle soul.
Your body,
so small
and delicate
seemed to be life itself.
When your life flew away,
I knew you had lived a life
short but pure.
I realized
that despite what I had given you
you had given me the true gift.

© Shenita Etwaroo

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