God's Creatures
By Andrew Pell
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God's Creatures
By Andrew Pell

Our animals and our pets are God�s gift to us all.

The animal�s unique affection makes us feel ten feet tall.

They are God�s messengers. They are naturally attuned to the Divine.

They are company and companionship; they are a sign of God�s love.

That divine love comes from above.

Be kind to all animals, God feels and sees through them.

It is wrong to use them in cruel experiments or owned by vicious men.

Many dollars are spent on this torture for profit and greed.

The animals need your help and are in need.

Greed and money is making them blind.

Stop this torture. Educate the world to be kind.

All animal experiments and cruelty must stop.

Do not be cruel to one of the Creator's creations. You are being cruel to God.

Treat them with love and respect. Get to know their real nature.

Be active in disagreeing with all animal cruelty.

Open your eyes so that you truly see.

For those who are cruel, God will use the same measure of justice.

Blind acceptance will not suffice.

God loves all the animals. They know him by name.

They walk with God. Do we do the same?

� Andrew Pell 3/03/06

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