Andrew PellGodís Special Children (The Animals)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Godís Special Children (The Animals)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

God abhors the senseless experimentation and cruelty to his children.
Only a few have the spiritual discernment and wisdom to stop and listen.
The animalís cries of suffering ascend to the throne of the God most high.
Why do these animals needlessly have to die?
There is no appreciation or respect for all sacred life.
It is mankindís greed that upsets the balance and causes so much strife.
It is senseless murder for profit and pleasure.
Why would anyone see this as leisure?
Our lesser brothers and sisters cry out in pain.
Their souls return to God again.
Love all animals for they are the eyes and ears of the Almighty.
It is through their hearts he clearly sees.
Take a stand against the slaughter and torture of helpless animals.
Respect all life. Let the Spirit of God work through you. Donít be a fool.

© Andrew Pell 13/01/07

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