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Animal Rights Poetry

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God's Will
Janet Riddle [email protected]  

Jesus is among God's light
shining over all that is right
Love, forgiveness, harmony
kindness, compassion and mercy

Rules of stone demand God's will
including "thou shall not kill"
He created all life as "good"
if only it were understood

God alone created all life
mankind brought about strife
Torture somehow became justified
all the while the innocent cried

So often we use the excuse
that animals are here for our use
Why won't we admit we're wrong
the weak destroyed by the strong

The tortured beast's eyes reflect
misery caused by our moral defect
Away from mercy our greed steals
the innocent killed for simple meals

Jesus is a part of us all
He feels it when the tortured fall
Like a beacon - the anguished wail
Father and son see mercy fail

In hopes of peace upon the land
the Prince beside us holds our hand
Do onto others as you'd want done
the murder count would become none

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