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Good v. Evil

In this life there is a war,
But itís not in flesh we fight;
A battle rages deep within
Between the dark and light.

Evil lies within our world,
Tearing it apart,
Driving a wedge between the soul of man
And Godís own heart.

Yet grace and goodness can be seen
In all that God has done;
A love stronger than bitter hate,
Sent down as Godís own son.

Evil is a sleeping cancer,
Deadly yet concealed;
So ruthless and so lethal,
That so few can be healed.

But goodness is a warming touch,
Soothing to the soul.
For all who will accept it
Will surely be made whole.

Both sides are deep in battle,
And our souls are the prize;
Yet one fights for purity
And the other wills demise.

So where are we in this battle?
Are we among the true?Are we the righteous,
Godís dear sheep,
Or slaves to Satanís ruse?

The Light will always overcome,
Even in the darkest place;
And if we only choose the Light,
Weíll see Jesus face to face.

The eternal victorís obvious,
And the ending is so clear;
But we must fight against all evil,
For perfect love drives out fear.

Good and evil, both in pursuit
For our eternal souls;Weíre born with a choice-
To live or die, to fight for love or hate.

Evilís time is running out,
For Satanís end is near;
And all the horrors he has caused
Will surely disappear.

And the good will yet prevail,
Standing ever still;And if we only choose it now,
One day we also will.

© Shenita Etwaroo

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