Heidi StephensonGreat Flood 2030: A Shakespearean sonnet
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Great Flood 2030: A Shakespearean sonnet
By Heidi Stephenson

“Animal farmers swept away in global Flood. Panic on farms.”

All hope has died, now that the calves are bled.
And bright sun’s day has given way to grey.
Cow hearts hide deep…remember all their dead;
Kine* trusting eyes have been betrayed, for pay.

How could they such blameless perfection sell?
They could have spared them; saved them from abyss.
Now all are lost, packed off to man-made hell:
The slaughterhouse - a den of blood and piss.

But Life strives still - and Great Wheel ever turns…
Man does not know what mystery is his fate.
Fresh hope will come; new ways throw o’er the urns.
And Love renew - beyond this dreadful hate.

How many times have humans failed this way?
In other lives - our Karma: true dismay.

*Kine = An old English word (plural) for "cows."

©Heidi Stephenson, November 2019

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