Greyhounds are a Gift
By Bobbi Dilling
An Animal Rights Poem from

Greyhounds are a Gift
By Bobbi Dilling

Where do I begin
With this beautiful breed
Long legged and noble
Built for great speed

A rainbow of colors
Fawn, red and blue
Brindles of all shades
Which one is for you?

Such gorgeous eyes
Alert yet so calm
Watching and waiting
For the treat in your palm

And oh those big ears
That I love to rub
Soft as a down feather
From the tip to the nub

Personalities all vary
From active to laid back
They run and they play
And then hit the sack

Boy, can they sleep
Iím retired, they say
I have nothing to do
So eight naps a day

They love their toys
But they love us more
They follow us always
With eyes that adore

Cherish your hound
Each one is a gift
Their love is so special
You donít want to miss.

In honor of Spirit the greyhound
Copyright 2012 Bobbi Dilling [reprinted here with permission]

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