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Gypsy Rose

Once there was a gray-haired gypsy,
With eyes as green as the hills were misty,
She lived a life that was poor but free,
And her mangy dog was her company.

The two of them traveled far and wide,
With a love that could never be denied,
Through mountains, valleys, and riverside,
Their bond was strong, nothing could divide.

People would stop and stare in wonder,
At the beauty of the woman and her dog so tender,
Despite their poverty, they were content,
Living a life that was heaven-sent.

The dog had been rescued from the doggy jail,
A lovable creature with a wagging tail,
He would follow the woman through thick and thin,
A loyal companion, a faithful kin.

Together they roamed with no destination,
A free-spirited duo with no hesitation,
And though they had nothing but each other,
They knew they had a love like no other.

So if you ever see the gypsy and her dog,
Walking down a path or through a bog,
Remember that their love is true,
And they'll always be together, just like glue.

Gypsy Rose

Tim Gorski 2023


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