Happily Blind
By Janet Riddle
An Animal Rights Poem from All-Creatures.org

Happily Blind
By Janet Riddle

Deception lies inside the walls
a veil that covers cages and stalls
government grants remove the heart
exchanging morals for money gets its start
the cloud of secrecy knows no wrong
as blood stained hands find ways to belong
relying on scientists filled with conceit
the public's skepticism is already beat
the deadly numbers too many to conceive
well intentioned people still hope and believe
while ignoring even the obvious signs
the misinformed public suits science just fine
ignorance appears as a comfort zone
so many see only what they are shown
time to unveil secrecy's hidden nightmare
our own people are dying the truth seems fair
we are healthier though we may live longer
still disease and epidemic grow even stronger
animal research too many lies to swallow
scientists want to be silent and follow
it is actually claimed that animals are treated kind
but we must question the type of mind
capable and willing to torture for money
shouldn't we wonder why ability comes so easy
cries are ignored and death goes unseen
they linger in restraint, we need to intervene
time is ticking and millions of lives lost
carnage and death, such a shameful cost
the power of money makes useless debates
while down the road good science awaits
to better life science, another must die?
contradiction of terms, yet another lie
we know animals react differently in tests
but in blindness, shattered validity rests
the mighty dollar causes real hope to fall
methods ignored that find benefit for us all
why do we let scientists make us look dense
when non-animal tests make all the good sense
let us all stand, we have a decision to make
how can we do nothing when so much is at stake?
has the dollar's green shadowed the blood's red?
or can we fight the lies and see reason instead?
unlock secrecy's door and the truth we will find
but is there hope for us, the happily blind?

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